JP Total Fitness is a Brooklyn, NY based personal training service committed to leading individuals to move, live and feel better, as well as looking their best.

This is accomplished by specializing in:

STRENGTH TRAINING- Challenging your muscles to gain strength for your favorite activities or just practical daily living.
MUSCLE SHAPING - Building your physique to your ideal shape.
FAT SHEDDING - Getting leaner and healthier by shedding fat!

I became a Personal Trainer because it was a natural extension of my love of exercise and my excitement in sharing it with others. My core values are discipline, dependability, strength, enjoyment and creativity. Fitness should built around that philosophy. We are born with just one body, and the more we challenge it, the more it will respond with positive results. That’s why I love fitness - we all have the ability to turn our bodies into a work of art. By taking control of how much we demand from ourselves, we can inspire real change in our looks, habits, moods, energy, and confidence.

Everyone may have similar goals, but their motivations are unique. Whether its weight loss, building a better physique, greater strength, or increased functionality, it’s my mission to help you find the motivation to create positive fitness habits that align with your passion. Other trainers want to prove how great their system or workouts can be. I can help you prove how strong and fit YOU can be!

Check out some of my workout videos.

Jon Padilla is an insured A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer, and a fitness enthusiast for over 20 years. When he's not working with a client or getting his own workout in, chances are he's either with his 3 beautiful children, playing guitar or eating.

Currently providing training at HIT Factory - 7914 4th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11209. Private training is one on one. Semi-private consists of two individuals training together during same session.


strength training

Even if you may not want to be a bodybuilder, developing your lean muscle properly will make you stronger, raise your metabolism, increase bone density, improve your sleep and improve your appearance!

Now, do you want some lean muscle?


Did you know that 15-20 minutes of intense cardio will benefit you more than seemingly endless sessions at the same slower speed? Yup, find out how……


I’ll be tapping into the minds of average gym members to get an idea of what really goes on in your minds every time you step through the gym door. There’s too much “gym rat”, "bro science" information and images out there that just don’t work for many people.